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I gave my heart to Jesus for the first time when I was very young, thanks to the Christian foundation laid by my parents, without which I won’t be where I am today. I loved Sunday school, received book prizes for being under the top 10 grade students, was a prefect and participated in sports like athletics, cricket, tennis and rugby. Towards the end of my grade 7 year (1994), my battle started in my mind. I started asking questions like why it seems that only the “in” crowd is having fun and why are all the pretty girls always hanging around them, little did I know that the nerd girl with the biggest glasses in my school was going to be a model today.

I started hanging around the wrong crowd, soon we became friends and in order to be accepted, I became like them. I started swearing, watching pornography, smoking cigarettes and drinking with them. My grades dropped dramatically in Grade 8 and it wasn’t long before I had to move all my subjects from high grade to standard grade. My high school teachers soon labeled our group as trouble makers because we already had a reputation following us from primary school. In that same year we became friends with the macho guys in my high school and it wasn’t long before we were known by everyone in the school. The only advantage of this was that no one ever looked for trouble with us.

Soon my interests in outdoor activities vanished and all I was concerned about was having fun and pleasure. I started smoking marijuana and experimenting with speed and thins (ephedrine). In grade 9 (1996), I started going to commercial clubs. This bored me quickly and when I was in grade 10 I discovered the underground dance scene which was fairly new in South Africa at that stage. I started going to rave clubs and every possible big dance event held in South Africa. I was fascinated by the DJ’s and it wasn’t long before I purchased my first set of turntables. Things got worse and I started sleeping around and experimenting with every possible drug you can think of, from mandrax, lsd/acid, ecstasy, cat, cocaine, rocks, crystal meth, tik and heroin. I spent many days in Nigerians’ flats doing drugs and was even involved in a house break-in.

In that same year, on the way to Rocky Street in Johannesburg, I was involved in a motorcycle accident. Later, I was told that I was extremely restless and pulled myself into a bundle the whole time. I know now it was because I was on the way to hell even though I “believed” in God. The Bible says in James chapter 2 verse 19 that: “You believe that there is one God; you do well: the devils/demons also believe, and tremble/shudder.” I was in a coma for 5 days and 30 days in hospital. The first day I got out of hospital I went back to my old ways.

Miraculously I passed grade 12 in 1999. It wasn’t long after that when I started playing in various different clubs. I carried on with this lifestyle and in 2006 I was involved in another accident. With a cigarette in my one hand, drink between my legs, no seatbelt and busy dicing a Honda V-Tec, I lost control at a very high speed. The paramedics said that it was a miracle that I survived the accident and I only had a few minor scratches caused by the glass of the broken windows in the car. The impact when two trees jumped in front of me was so severe that my seat broke and I ended up on the back seat.

Again I carried on the way I did before. At that stage, being 25 years of age, I had already been involved with the club and drug scene for 11 years, been arrested a few times and was in jail once. I felt empty inside, dirty when I slept around and wanted a serious relationship. I only had one serious relationship before and the rest was one night stands and in certain instances 2 nights’ stands. I prayed to God and asked Him to please send someone special into my life and that it won’t be about lust but true love. God answered my prayer and I met my beautiful wife a few months later, I just knew she was the one. We partied and got wasted together for roughly another 2 years.

In 2009 we attended another rave, got high and had unprotected sex when we arrived home in the morning. A few weeks later we found out that she was pregnant and my wife changed dramatically and stopped all her nonsense. My son was born the following year in 2010. At that stage I was a co-founder and one of the DJ’s of our own events company hosting parties. I was still carrying on the way I used to, when the Holy Spirit clearly spoke to me in my heart one morning on the way home after a hectic night. I started feeling very guilty and like a bad dad and realized that I can’t carry on like that. I knew it many years before then, but tried to justify my wrongs as many Christians do today.  

I for instance said that there is nothing wrong with the trance music I am playing, because there are hardly any words in the songs and if there are, it is all lovey dovey and not like the commercial music out there that just promotes sex, drugs and rock & roll. I recommitted my life to the LORD and asked him to have His way in my life, but did not turn from my wicked ways completely. Now instead of having 10 drinks I only had 2, instead of having 5 pills I would only have 1 or 2, where I always used to go home in the mornings after sunrise, I now returned home like 2 or so in the morning. I thought I was doing great, with one foot in the church and another in the world.

During that time I watched documentaries about what really happened to the twin towers, discovered that it was a perfect planned demolition and couldn’t believe people can be so cruel. I studied information about the Illuminati, their New World Order plans and how everything fits together. God then spoke to me and made me realize that I am busy learning more about satan and his evil works. I then turned to my Bible for the first time in more than 10 years.

I obtained a variety of different material (CD’s, DVD’s etc.) and learned more about the end times we are living in before the rapture. I literally shocked myself sober and knew my relationship with God was weak and not the way it is supposed to be. It was only then that I started taking up my authority in Jesus Christ and seeking seriously after the Truth, which set me free. God spoke to me and showed me verses, for instance; be not conformed to this world (Rom 12:2); that followers of Jesus must live holy and sanctify themselves (1 Peter 1:16 etc.); whatsoever I do must glorify God (1 Corinthians 10:31); that I must love God with all my heart, soul and mind (Matthew 22:37); that I can’t serve two masters (Luke 16:13); etc. The following two verses made me realize how serious God is about sin which separates us from Him; Hebrews 10:26-27 “For if we sin wilfully after that we have received the knowledge of the truth, there remaineth no more sacrifice for sins, but a certain fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation, which shall devour the adversaries.”

I asked God to help me to get out of my current lifestyle, and that is exactly what happened. My party days lasted until May 2011. With God who strengthened me, I sold all my equipment, I am set free from every single addiction in my life, I am completely out of the club and bar scene and got married because I felt bad for “eating before I prayed”. During this process I also lost all my friends, but one thing I can tell you that it is absolutely worth it. I am now concerned about what God thinks of me and not what people thinks of me because I must stand before God alone one day (Galatians 1:10 and James 4:4).

In conclusion: God is the only one that can help you with your problems, who really knows you and who answers prayers!!! I would also like to thank AICM (Authority in Christ Ministries – for proclaiming the Truth (the world is full of half-baked Christians), they inspire me to live the life God has intended for me and to stay on the straight and narrow…

I may not be perfect,
but JESUS thinks
I’m to die for!

Francois du Toit (Alberton)  0823232732


Greetings in Jesus Name

I refer to our telephone conversation of the 6th where I stated that I had been given a copy of your DVD Maak Skoon Jou Huis and it is in this regard that I request permission to make further copies so that others’ lives may be changed as they hear the truth. It’s amazing how I can tell my congregation things over and over again but when they hear it from somebody on a DVD then they are prepared to take note. We have already seen lives changed in this portion of the body and we believe that God is not finished yet. There are still many more who need to take hold of the truth.

May the Lord continue to bless and keep you as you serve Him and give Him all the glory for the things He has done.

In Christ

Dave Giles (Pastor)

Mossel Bay World Outreach



Hallo Tiaan

Baie dankie vir jou bediening.  Ek kon nooit verstaan hoekom ek ‘n op en af Christen lewe het nie.  Hos 4:6 bevestig maar net weer die rede. Ek het reeds al ‘n paar duisend rand se goed verbrand Vrydag aand, net na ek jou video gesien het, lekker kampvuur gemaak. As dit vir jou moontlik is, wil ek graag so 4 fotos vir jou E-pos oor ‘n mat wat ek baie lank terug gekoop het in Turkye. Ek is nog nie seker oor die mat nie.  Is nog steeds besig om skoon te maak en dit is ongelooflik hoeveel goed van die vyand in ons huise is. Die Here seën jou bediening.  As die hele SA maar net hierdie video kan sien. Hoor graag van jou.

Ds Anton Ferreira


Hallo daar!

Tiaan ek is werklik beïndruk met wat ek gesien het in die CD maak skoon jou huis, en ons het skoon gemaak glo my. Maar weet jy dat na alles kom ek na ’n maand agter dat nog steeds is daar goed wat weggesteek lê in laaie onder papiere en in koeverte. Ons kan maart net dankie sê vir die aanslae wat teen ons uitgestuur word, want dan weet ons dat ons op die regte pad is. Jesus groete van Dawid Bedieninge in die Vrystaat Steynsrus.

Past. Johan Benecke



Hi there Tiaan!

Your DVD has made a great difference in our lives. Since we have conducted a “house cleaning” exercise, things are just falling into place. Our business has improved and things are picking up all over. We really serve an awesome God and thank you for helping us to identify the idols we have kept in our lives (whether consciously or not) It is only by being obedient to God that all things will come right.

Thanks and God bless

Jill Alexander



Beste Tiaan,

Ek het jou e-pos adres by ‘n vriendin gekry.  Ek het reeds na jou CD geluister asook na die DVD van huis skoonmaak. Dit was regtig vir my “awesome” – ek kry nie ‘n ander woord daarvoor nie.  Dit het soveel dinge bevestig wat ek al ervaar het vanaf ‘n jong kind.  Ek kon as kind al in ‘n vertrek instap en ervaar as iets nie “reg voel nie”.  As gevolg van “oop deure” kon ek ook goed in die geesteswereld sien, en ek is drie keer in my lewe fisies deur demone aangeval, ek kon hulle sien.  Niemand kon my help nie, en ek het jare met die vrees en dinge geleef ot dat die Heilige Gees my gelei het.  Ek het bevryding ontvang, ek is wedergebore en nou ‘n ware kind van die Koninkryk.  Die Heilige Gees het my ook presies terug geneem na my kinderdae (ons het in Swaziland) gebly en as 2 jarige dogtertjie het ek saam die Swazi’s gedans en hulle het my gegooi met spelde en alle ander artikels as ‘n sort eer en inlywing as een of ander koninging.  Dit was die “doorway”.  Ek kan selfs as kind onthou hoe ek potte en goed gesien het en dan geeste wat daarin bly, en was vreeslik bang vir die donker.  Ag so kan ek uitbrei en uitbrei.  Lang storie kort te maak ek is total bevry maar ek kan nog steeds in ‘n huis of vertrek inloop, en met toe oe wys waar is goed wat teen my gees getuig.  Ek het maar altyd stil gebly oor my ervarings want mense, dominees, pastore ens. maak jou af as mal.  Nadat ek jou DVD’s geluister het, het ek besef en verstaan wat ek nog altyd ervaar het nie sommer nonsens was nie. Ek het verlede week na iemand gegaan wat gevra het ek moet vir haar kom bid want hulle besigheid, kinders ens, ens. word deur goed “aangeval” – dit was awesome hoe die Heilige Gees my gelei het tot by die KERN van die probleem.

Wat ek eintlik wil deel met jou, ek het onsettende waardering vir jou bediening en wat jy doen en die manier wat jy mense toerus met die waarheid.

Kristel Coetzer



Dear Tiaan.

Firstly I would like to say to a very big thank you for the dvd’s and cd’s that you have produced. For years we struggled here, we had our home and business blessed, despite our love and devotion to the risen lord, we seemed to flounder endlessly. Beset by endless tribulations and trials that would fill a good volume.

Then one day I visited a customer and the Holy Spirit spoke to me saying she is one of us you can talk freely to her. Not knowing that she was a believer at the time I started to chat to her. One thing led to another, and she suggested that she lend me a copy of Maak Skoon Jou Huis.  We did not even discuss my home issues. The Holy Spirit was busy at work.

At the time I felt that nothing could touch me or my life, but after being pinched by the Holy Spirit to fetch the DVD and watch it I did. The next Saturday I resolved to watch the DVD. I started to watch it and very quickly fetched my son who was doing garden chores, calling him to come listen. It was a long watch as we stopped and checked every biblical reference, and I had to explain to my son what was being said in Afrikaans. He only understands English.

Afterwards, we prayed about it and decided to buy into what you were teaching us, Sunday, we went through this house and soon a black bin bag of ‘souvenirs and gifts’ family keep sakes some has been with our family for generations, African art objects and such like was on its way out!

The Monday while I was witnessing to the house keeper about your DVD and trying to explain to her your message in Zulu, I was led by the Holy Spirit to a Egyptian souvenir that had escaped the general round up, this copper plate had been with me since a visit to Egypt in 1984. As I lifted this copper plate off the wall and bent it in half, it felt as if a snake uncoiled itself from my head and neck.

My eyes opened and all I could see was, I was living is a dirty filthy house, with filthy walls and it was every where, for the first time I saw what others were telling me, the house keeper was not doing her job, after that we have been on a throw away clean up mission. You can imagine the clothing items, stickers and rubbish belonging to my son we ditched, through November right up to the other day in February 2010 we kept on finding items, sometimes in the most bazaar of places.

I then at the suggestion of my friend who lent me your DVD I visited your website and purchased some more DVD’s and a bundle of 10 cd’s the one that interested me there, was God is not in the Killing Business. I could not contain myself as I waited for their arrival. They arrived some time before Christmas, despite serious distracting side issues at that time. I managed to watch Identify the lie and say the long prayer at the end, my son who had by this time moved out, came to visit, was persuaded to watch Identify the lie and said the prayer at the end, he returned to his mom and later on 1st January 2010 changed his mind, he returned to live with me. The very first thing he wanted to do was watch Identify the lie with me again and say the prayer at the end.

He was adamant that he had been ‘soiled’ spiritually by staying with his Mom and felt that the prayer at the end cleansed him. My son is borderline schizophrenic, till we watched the DVD Maak skoon Jou Huis and other dvd’s together it was common practice if he got out of hand or went ‘off his head’ to give him two tranquilisers and then when he relaxed sent him to go sleep the upset off. If he could not sleep because he was being tormented, a sleepy tablet smoothed the way.

Since we watched the DVD Maak Skoon Jou Huis, the kid has not been given a tranquiliser, the terrible nightmares have stopped, the endless requests to come sleep “Daddie Room” etc. stopped. The intense need he had for reassurance love, stopped. He still has to take the medication to lift the depression, but that has been reduced from three tablets to two. He has developed a new found self confidence and desire to learn about the Risen Lord, he is even attending a course, and importantly has been making the effort to go out there try to get a job. The list goes on and on…..

I paid very close attention to your DVD Identify the Lie, the other two that come in the bundle The Power of the Tongue; Kingdom = Authority , I had to pray to get my ears opened, only when I listened to the CD versions, on my daily travels did the message and its understanding become revealed to me. I purchased separately “MY FINANSIES IN GOD SE HANDE” after listening to the DVD, promised my self that never again would I mess around with tithing and such like. I have a completely different view on this whole subject from my previous attitude. When I prayed about this subject I was told 10 % of every cent that passes through my bank account was to be placed in a brown paper envelope with no markings and handed in during the collection on Sunday. The first time I did this, I was driven crazy with ‘stupid thoughts’ going through my head only after I handed in the first envelope,that stopped. Then we continued happily till during this month I actually ran out of cash money.

On Saturday I did my final shop and filled petrol and set out to ‘vas byt’ till the end of the month, on Saturday evening I landed up with heart problems and to add to this I started to run a fever. Worried, I prayed through the night, in the morning the heart pains went away, I even went for a stiff walk round the block in the morning to see if anything was still the matter. In the night I had been healed. Sunday morning, I had no choice but go see the Doctor as I was still running a fever and after the nights drama did not want to take chances. Wondering how I was going to pay the Doc, I realised I had to ask him for credit, in giving me credit, he would be blessed and this would be revealed to me. Just like how you teach when you always insist on paying, you take from others who would be blessed by not allowing them to give. In the end all that was the matter was I had the flu. The whole time after I came home, I was tormented by thoughts that by giving my tithe I had left myself and my family short, that I had foolishly managed my money, put us into to a spot and so on. This put my back up, I resolved to ignore these stupid thoughts and place my trust in Christ Jesus and when the time rolled around, I would go and square up with the Doc.

The next day two things happened. The anti biotic the Doc gave me made me toxic, Monday evening, I went to change it, while waiting my turn, people kept on arriving and soon Doctors waiting room was over full, people spilling out into the street, while looking at this ‘horde’ of people waiting to be seen by the Doc, the Holy Spirit revealed to me that this was the Doc’s Blessing for giving me credit. The best news is always for last, on Monday morning I woke up early and wondering how am I going to feed my family till payday, going though the grocery stocks in my mind I worked out I would make it but the meals would be basic. That settled in my mind, I lay in bed rebuking the demons for continuing to fill my mind with anti tithing thoughts and resolved to tithe and give to the poor when I had, exactly as you taught us in your DVD, regardless, as I was sure that Jesus has already done so much for me in my life till today, we will keep faith with him no matter what challenges we face, regardless. He has always seen me right and will always see me right in the end!

Then my cell phone went off and I wondered which idiot had the cheek to sms me so early in the morning, don’t they know about office hours. I checked my phone and a very nice deposit had been put into my account from the Tax man. Unexpected & unanticipated! In one stroke all changed I could square up the Doc etc Jesus had seen me right just as I was sure he would. 

All you have to do is just believe.

In closing thank you for the effort you have put into making those DVD’s, we have been set free, our lives have changed after watching, Maak Skoon Jou Huis, so much has changed for me since October 2009. Your material has given me a whole new perspective on the Gospels and the Bible, my love for Risen Lord has become greater, the list is long and almost that of a long list of cliché’s but most of all our eyes are now open and our family has been set free, we are no longer just good little Christians Going to Church on Sundays like well behaving kids. We now recognise things for exactly what they are.  

My friend all I can say to you is thank you for your material, I will recommend your material to people when I see the opportunity or directed by the Holy Spirit to do so. We pray for your ministry and in support of your prayer intentions every day and pray that you will continue to produce more material so that people will be set people free and their eyes opened. I pray that your ministry will be blessed and grow, the like of which you cannot even begin to comprehend at this point in time.

Thank you so much, may God Bless you not only today but all the days of your life. 




Wanneer laas was jou gebed of gesprek met God sommer net ‘n eenvoudige en opregte liefdesverklaring? Jy sal verbaas wees, dit werk … Dit weet ek nou!!!

30 Jaar gelede is my skildklier verwyder! In 2006 September haal die dokters in George hospitaal ‘n gewas van 2,4 kg, waar die skildklier 30 jaar gelede terug was, uit met ‘n 7 ure lange operasie. 9 dae in ICU, 8 dae in gewone saal.

Ly vir jare aan bipolêre maniese gemoedsrus versteuring!! Vernietig amper my hele familie daardeur. Word in 2003 gediagnoseer met Limf T.B. Het nie eens geweet daar bestaan so iets nie. Gedink mens kry T.B. net in jou longe en hoes! Toe nie!!! Kry hartversaking 18 maande op T.B. medikasie!!!

In 2007 word ek gediagnoseer met Amkilose Spondilitis. Verloor behoor oor my blaas. Dra doeke soos ‘n baba. Pyn wat ek aan niemand kan beskryf. Elke dag op morfien. Tot 6 keer per dag. My bene raak al hoe swakker. 3 verskillende looprame, eers gewone rolstoel, daarna elektriese rolstoel, toilet word hoër gemaak. Kan nie meer buk.

EK RAAK OPSTANDIG!! HERE, SUID-AFRIKA IS GROOT, MOET NIE ALLES VIR MY GEE NIE!!! HOE ONKUNDIG!!! Dit weet ek nou!! Het nie meer die woord gesond voel geken nie. Net moedeloosheid en moegheid geken.

In Februarie 2009 word ek gediagnoseer met borskanker. Chemo wag op my en bestraling. Maartmaand 2009 kry my man beroerte as gevolg van hoë cholesterol. Bewusteloos. Die dokters sê: “laat kom die kinders” dis 50-50. Here nie dit ook nog nie!! Hoe gaan ek hierdeur kom!! God genees hom wonderbaarlik, nie eens enige breinskade of enige teken daarvan oorgehou!!

Wag, nou hier kom die mooi gedeelte!!

Ons kruis paaie met die “Maak skoon jou huis reeks” DVD’s van Tiaan Gildenhuys. Dank die Here ek en my man, Koos Grobler, was GEHOORSAAM!! Al het ons oor party goed getwyfel het dit nogtans gewaai!!

Op 6 September 2009 kyk ons “Identify the Lie” van Tiaan. Aan die einde van die DVD is daar ‘n hele klomp dinge wat jy vir die satan moet sê “hardop”. Weer was ek gehoorsaam. Party plekke het ek nie bygehou met alles hardop sê nie, die DVD was bietjie te vinnig vir my, maar dank God dit waarmee ek kon byhou was genoeg om satan verkeerd te bewys met al sy leuens. Ek dink hy en sy trawante hol nou nog.

Op 7 September 2009 het ek opgestaan, geen verwagting gehad of enige snaakse gevoel gehad nie. Eers toe ek op my stoep kom besef ek, ek LOOP NORMAAL!! Ek het GEEN PYN!!! Na my man geroep en gesê: “kyk na my”. Al om die huis geloop, in my nagklere die straat af. En ek loop vandag nog normaal.

Die “Geloofsgenesing”-ding was altyd volgens my ‘n bietjie “oordrewe”. Hoe skaam het ek gevoel, ek het dit nie eens gevra nie, ek was maar net GEHOORSAAM. Nooit sal ek ooit weer twyfel nie. Die Here het Tiaan gebruik om my oë oop te maak en ek dank God vir ‘n man soos Tiaan, Here dat U hom gebruik vir al hierdie, “soms” onverstaanbare dinge in ons lewens wat ons kan help om elke dag bietjie vir bietjie nader aan U te beweeg. Om ons Bybels reël op reël te lees en op te hou om in die wêreld te beweeg. Alle eer daarvoor net aan ons Jesus Christus!

My man, Koos kon sedert sy beroerte nie een nag deurslaap nie, en het in die nag ure wakkergesit. Sedert ons ons huis skoongemaak het, slaap hy nog elke aand dwarsdeur. Intussen het die Here my ook nog verlos van my rookverslawing.

Jesus ek het U so lief!!

Sit jy vasgevang in die grafkelder van ‘n somber ervaring in jou lewe? Kyk!! Die klip is weggerol. Aanskou die lig, die liefde, die opwekkende krag van God, die Almagtige Vader! Kyk! Christus het opgestaan ook in my hart en my lewe!!

Gerda Grobler, Knysna



Ek groet u in daardie onveranderlike Naam van Jesus Christus. Aangename kennis. Ek het met u gepraat in Augustus maand in verband met getuienisse wat ons bymekaar sou maak, maar ons almal is so besig. Ek wil eerstens aan ons Liewe Vader baie dankie sê dat Hyself vir u die wysheid gegee het om aan ons oor te dra op CD’s, DVD’s en boeke. Ons maak net huis skoon en vertel net verder en verder. Mense vra vergifnis, ander word gesond en baie kom tot bekering hier in Bloemfontein. My tweede dank is aan u wat die instrument in God se hande is, wat so gewillig is om ons te leer van dieper dinge en om ons te waarsku om weg te bly van Egipte af. Ek hou ook van Jeremia 33:3. Deur u het daar baie dinge vir ons oopgegaan. Hier volg my getuienis:

My seun het bekeer net nadat hy die waarheid ontdek het deur middel van u DVD’s. Ons as ‘n gesin is so bly, want ten minste kan ons nou lekker slaap naweke, want Boeta het sy saak met die Here reggemaak. Alles te danke aan Tiaan Gildenhuys se DVD’s en met die hulp van ons groot Bron van kragte, onse God en Vader.

My seun is 26 jaar oud en het verkeerde vriende gehad en naweke gedrink en dronk by die huis aangekom. Die oomblik wanneer iemand die deur vir hom oopmaak, lyk hy baie wreed en kan enige tyd ontplof, en wanneer jy net een skewe woord sê. Ons kon baie duidelik sien dat hy nie homself was nie en dat hy vol demone was. Hy is die lieflikste seunskind as hy nugter is en baie life vir die Here, Hy lees sy bybel elke dag. Dit was net die drank wat hom ‘n slaaf gemaak het van SATAN EN VAN SONDE. Hy het selfmoordneigings gehad en wou my wat sy ma is met die mes dood steek en het my baie lelik gevloek. Sy suster was bang vir hom en moes altyd hoor hoe gaan hy my doodmaak en dan wys hy haar die lelike mes. Sy het sielkundige behandeling gekry en was opgeneem by ‘n kliniek tydens Junie skoolvakansie. Hy wou nie saam die kursus by die sielkundiges bywoon nie, wat hy voel hy is reg. Hy het ‘n wit Golf gery wat sy pa vir hom verlede jaar 25 April 2006 vir sy verjaarsdag gekoop het. Ons seun het al 3 keer die Golfie gestamp en gesê dit was nie hy nie en baie verskonings gemaak.

Sy pa is ‘n polisieman by Kriminele rekords en vingerafdrukke en het ondersoeke gedoen van voertuie wat gesteel was of in ongelukke betrokke was. Ons het die Golfie van die seun af weggevat deur dit te verkoop.

Toe gebeur daar ‘n wonderwerk. Op Maandag 13 Augustus net na my verjaarsdag 11 Augustus het ons seun skelmpies na die DVD “Identifiseer die Leuen” gekyk wat ek in die sitkamer vergeet het. Prys die Here!!! Hy kyk toe daarna terwyl sy sussie by die skool was en ma en pa is by die werk. So omtrent 8 uur daardie Maandagaand net voor ek wou gaan slaap, stuur hy sy suster om my te roep sodat ek kan kom kyk waarmee is hy besig. En daar in die sitkamer sit meneertjie voor die TV besig om Identifiseer die Leuen te kyk.

Hy sit toe met ‘n groot glimlag op sy gesig en was baie bly en in oorwinning, want hy het die waarheid ontdek. Mamma kyk waarna sit ek en kyk ek! Hierdie man wat daar praat, praat eintlik al die hele dag met my. Alles wat hy sê is waar, elke ding op die DVD tot in die fynste detail. Hy het homself gesien.

Hy was een wat gou kwaad geword het; is soms humerig; verwerping het ook voorgekom, en het ook kwaai hoofpyn en megraine, het selfmoordneigings gehad, vir hom het die angsaanvalle gevoel soos hartaanvalle, stress. En self sy vriende het hom uitgedaag om die Golfie te spin en hyt ook regtig die ouens gewys hy kan dit doen soos hy verduidelik het. En dit is waar die stampmerke van die kar vandaan gekom het of kom ons sê maar die ongelukke. Maar ter wille van God se groot genade en ma en pa se gebede en sussie s’n het hy nooit iets oorgekom nie. Pa het maar die kar elke keer reggemaak.

Ek kon net die Here dank vir hierdie wonderwerk. Die ander DVD “Maak skoon jou huis” het ek by iemand geleen Februariemaand 2007. Dit het hy ook al van tevore skelmpies gekyk en hy was toe nog baie onseker en negatief, hy’t gesê mamma moet asseblief nie die hele huis leeg maak nie. Net Vrydag 7 Desember 2007, drie dae gelede het hy weer na die DVD “Maak skoon jou huis” gekyk en stem nou eers 100% saam met alles waarvan u praat en hoe u die Egiptiese en Oosterse en Afrikageeste ensovoorts uitwys. My kind was die hele naweek besig met sy kamer en klerekas om skoon te maak en uit te gooi, en so nou en dan word ek gevra, wat dink mamma van hierdie een, want Tiaan praat van hierdie etiket ook ensovoorts ensovoorts. Van sy vriende het saam met hom daarna gekyk net soos die vorige keer met Identifiseer deur Leuen en dit maak ‘n groot verskil in mense se lewens, wat hulle is nou so positief.

Groete in Jesus

Charlotte Buffett


Hi julle!

Daai DVD van julle “Maak jou huis skoon” versprei soos ‘n veldbrand hier by Nashua Kopano in Woodmead! Almal se lewens het so drasties verander, en daar is absolute verbeterings in huwelike en verhoudings! Nogmaals baie dankie vir die goeie werke wat julle vir DIE HERE doen! Ek hoop……nee, ek WEET, ek kan ook ‘n verskil maak met die hulp van JESUS!

Sannette Calitz



Die Rokers Getuienis.

Ek begin in 1966. Dit was die jaar wat ek my met twak op gehou het, en hoe groot, 14 jaar oud ten minste. Ons was ‘n paar in ons  skool, die “Main Manne”.

Rook het saam met my en in my hempsak gepronk tot 2011/12/11 (46 jaar), tog het ek reeds al baie jare myself as ‘n kind van die Here bestempel. Was toe ook al by 2 geleenthede gedoop en het gereeld Kerk, Kerk kampe en baie ander byeenkomste  meegemaak. Nie dat rook my Hel toe sou stuur nie, maar waar daar ‘n rokie is , is daar ‘n vuurtjie.

Nou streel ek darem die groot gelowiges se ego, want sien, van hulle dink dit is die enigste sonde, en sodra hulle hulleself as gelowige wil voorstel, dan storm ek tog so graag die een met die pakkie in sy sak, ons kan mos sien die persoon rook en nou gaan ek gou vir die ou preek. Meneer, Mevrou het u ‘n paar oomblike na u eie lewe gekyk, hoe lyk jou lewe? Hoe lyk jou pelgrims reis saam met een van die rokers? Vir hoeveel van die rokers het jy vandag gebid? Hoeveel van die rokers het jy vandag gehelp? Sou u met die roker  gepraat het oor Jesus en sy sonde as hy nie gerook het nie, of het Jesus dalk die sigaret gebruik om jou aandag te trek dat jy  oordeel. (Mat 7:1) “Moenie oordeel nie, sodat julle nie geoordeel word nie.”

Ek skryf oor die dinge omdat dit aan my bekend is. Ek weet wat doen ons met  Jesus se mense. U sien,  46 jaar verteenwoordig  16376 dae. ( 46 jaar x 356 =16,376 ) as ek net een keer per dag gehoor het dat  ek hel toe gaan, dat ek nie ‘n gelowige is nie en dat die Here my sal straf,  waarom sou Jesus vir my saak gemaak het. Net vir een van my sondes is ek 16376 keer reeds veroordeel (deur mense, en u is dalk een van hulle)  Daar is geen hoop vir my om in die hemel te kom, wat nog van al my ander sondes? (Mat 15:11) “Nie wat in die mond ingaan, maak die mens onrein nie; maar wat uit die mond uitgaan, dit maak die mens onrein.” (Mat 15:18)  “Maar die dinge wat uit die mond uitgaan, kom uit die hart, en dit is dié wat die mens onrein maak.”

Die gelowiges het nie foute gemaak nie, maar ek die veroordeelde het wel. En soos die tyd verloop het, het die behoefte net groter geword om die dinge wat in my hart en in baie gebede was, insluitend die los van sigarette, wat vir my swaar was, by Jesus se voete te lê. Tog het ek baie gesê dat ek nie die rook sal kan los nie. Teen die tyd reeds op 3 pakkies 30’s per dag. (R47.00 x 3 = R 141.00 per dag). Ook het ek gesê as ek dan moet ophou rook dit eendag op die regte tyd sal kom. Min besef dat Jesus ‘n ander plan met my lewe het, en dank ek God hiervoor. God se plan is nie om siele te verloor nie maar om siele te red en het Hy vir die Gelowiges die volgende opdrag gegee. (Mat 28:19) “Gaan dan heen, maak dissipels van al die nasies, en doop hulle in die Naam van die Vader en die Seun en die Heilige Gees; en leer hulle om alles te onderhou wat Ek julle beveel het”. ( let asb. op die woortjie leer hulle. Ek dink Jesus het bedoel dat ons moet saam met die rokers bid en nie hulle veroordeel nie. Verkies die gelowiges om nie te bid nie?)

So besoek ‘n ou vriend ons kontrei met ‘n kamp lesing gedurende Desember 2011. Ek ondervind ʼn besondere behoefte om hom te gaan groet wat ek 12 jaar laaste gesien het op pad na Bosbokrand waar hy so in die ry vir my sê, “Stop, Stop”. Net daar bid Tiaan vir my. (Ek dink die rook in die kar het hom bedwelmd gelaat!!)

My voertuig was leeg die Saterdag van 10 Desember en was daar nie geld vir brandstof nie. My vrou sê toe, maar hoe gaan ons daar kom en dit word daar gelaat. My skoondogter wil dorp toe om goed te gaan koop en my voertuig staan agter haar. Sy kom vra of sy my voertuig kan gebruik en ek sê sy moet nie baie draaie ry nie daar is nie baie brandstof in die kar nie. Met haar terugkoms kom sê sy net, Pa ek het brandstof in die kar gegooi. Sluip ek gou om te gaan loer en weet toe dat ons Tiaan sal kan gaan groet en ook die Kerk braai die Saterdag middag sal kan bywoon wat ons toe doen. So voorsien die Here weer.

Sondag oggend die 11 Desember 2011 is die behoefte om die lesing by te woon bykans verlore maar ʼn stem hou aan sê ek moet ry. Ek oortuig my vrou en daar trek ons.

Met ons aankoms was daar nog niemand by die plaas kerkie wat ons ‘n jaar terug daar gebou het nie, en stop ek op die grasperk. Ek stop langs ‘n doringboompie en kyk na ‘n baie mooi groen grasperk. My sigaret is klaar gerook en ek voel skuldig toe ek die stompie op die gras uitskiet.

Tiaan en sy span kom stop voor die kerk en ek laat hom eers afpak voor ek hom wil gaan groet. Ander besoekers maak dit toe nie moontlik en gaan ons maar in en neem plek. Die eerste groetery het toe maar by wyse van hand gebaar geskied.

Sy lesing neem aanvang en ek luister aandagtig tot waar Tiaan aanhaal dat Jesus het die dissipels terug gestuur na Jerusalem om te gaan bid en te wag om die Heilige Gees te ontvang. Ek wonder hoekom Jesus dan nie vir die dissipels met die Heilige Gees bedien het daar toe Hy by hulle was nie. Die volgende het my toe opgeval. Jesus se tyd is nie ons tyd nie. Hy leer ons om te luister. Net soos Jesus wil hê ons moet vra vir wat ons wil hê. So moet ons ook bid vir die ontvangs van die Heilige Gees.


Die lesing handel oor Jesus wil hê dat ons aanspraak maak op dit wat ons van Hom vra. Dat as ons bid en glo ons tot enige iets in staat is en ek Bid, “Here gee my ook alles wat Jy die dissipels gegee het. Gee my ook die Heilige Gees.”

Ons gaan vir tee, na daar vir ons gebid was, en een van die persone wat saam Tiaan gekom het “bless” my vrou met geld wat hy in haar sak sit. Ek gaan terug na Tiaan en sê dat ons dit nie kan neem nie. Hy spreek my aan en vra of ek daaraan gedink het dat die Here daardie voorsiening gemaak het. Ek aanvaar die gedagte en ons ry terug huis toe. As dit nie vir die geld was nie, sou ek vandag nog gerook het.

En hier kom die grooste wonder: ek wil ‘n sigaret opsteek oppad terug. Raak baie bewus van n stem wat vra of ek dan nou die finansiele nood wat ons ondervind, die blessing en Jesus se voorsiening wil uitrook. Ek sê vir my self, “nee Here, help my om die sigarette te los. Gee vir my die Heilige Gees om my by te staan dat ek die sigarette kan los”. Dit bid ek met oop oë op die pad en bêre die eerste nie gerookte sigaret. Dit was so om en by 11:20 Sondag 11 Desember 2011 op pad huis toe. Van daar al om die 15 minute vind ek my hand oppad na die pakkie en ‘n stemmetjie wat vra, “wil jy my blessing uitrook?” Met dankie Here wat volg.

By die huis aangekom word die pakkie op die tafel gesit en besluit ek om voorlopig geen melding van die gebeure te maak nie. Want sien, ‘n sondaar vertrou homself nie, nie met 16376 rook dae en ‘n gemiddeld van 90 sigarette per dag 1,473,840 sigarette oortredings reeds gemaak nie.

Die pakkie het gelê vir twee dae en elke keer as ek hom storm dan sê die Heilige Gees “ wil jy Jesus se blessing uitrook” en die handjie sak stadig. Here aan u al die Lof!

Ma Lucy begin rond trap, die asbakkie bly skoon wat teen die tyd altyd reeds oorgeloop het, dit is dag 2. Die kinders vind iets is aan die gang en hulle skinder agter my rug. Dag 3, 4, 5 en die asbakkie bly skoon. Die kinders begin buite rook, ma Lucy begin suig lekkers op die tafel sit en die dae word meer.

Na twee weke vra Lucy, het jy ophou rook en ek antwoord, ons sal nog sien. (onthou ek vertrou nie m self nie). Ek het vergeet dat ek nie in beheer is nie, Jesus gaan nie terug op Sy woord nie. Ek het vergeet dat ek nou in Sy wil handel en dat hy my nie net sal los om weer te begin solank ek in God glo vir uitkoms nie. Dat die Here nie vir my net straf, oortredings en die hel daargestel het nie en dat ek as sondaar gered sal word, net  soos Hy my van die sigarette gered het.

Dit is vandag 8 Febuarie 2012 en 5 dae van my 60 jare gespaarde lewe. Ek het nog nie weer aan ʼn stompie of sigarette geraak nie en hierdie getuienis vir my Hemelse Vader vir sy liefde van ʼn sondaar wat hoop in God se liefde gevind het. Hoop vir elkeen wat in hom glo en my gebed dat Hy julle seën wat dit van hom vra en glo.

Aan Tiaan en sy span:

Jesus het vir julle op my pad geplaas om ‘n groot verandering te kom maak. Dankie dat julle sy stem gehoor het en gedoen het. Ek bid vir baie seën met julle werk (Luk 24:47) “…en bekering en vergewing van sondes in sy Naam verkondig word aan al die nasies, van Jerusalem af en verder.” (Luk 24:48) “En julle is getuies van hierdie dinge.”

Thys Bothma   Woensdag, 08 Februarie 2012

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