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Hi Tiaan,

The reason for this mail is that I had the opportunity to see your DVD “Maak jou huis skoon” and what an awesome experience it was. Myself and my girlfriend (which God has brought to me after being single for 3 years) have collectively 5 children, 2 from her previous marriage aged 7,5 and 3 of my own aged 8,5,4 from my previous marriage. As we watched the DVD on totally different days we noticed the cards which you showed on Pokemon, Dragon ball etc. her son aged 7 had these cards which his father had bought him and which he cherished very much. Both of us really prayed about a way we could confront him with regards to these cards so we could get rid of them by burning them.

A couple of hours after Barbie and about 24 hours I had being praying about this we were informed that he had stolen someone else cards at school which he had admitted. His mom sat him down and spoke to him about it and what we should do? He only being 7 said that we should burn the cards as it was not good (note we had not discussed the DVD’s or anything with him). We had the opportunity to do so and as I lead him through a prayer in the name of Jesus I must say you could just see a light in his eyes of pure relief. God is great. Thanks there is still a lot that we are praying about and will be burning.

Thanking you and God bless

Wayne A. Ducroq