Hi Tiaan

We have been blessed by the material we received from you last year (House Cleaning, and a few others).

After viewing the House Cleaning material (a few times), I had opportunity to share some of it with some Christian Indian ladies of Hindu background that we know. I was particularly intrigued as one of the ladies has a nose ring, toe rings and ankle bracelet. After sharing with them, they confirmed what you had been saying about the Hindu religious roots and ceremonies. The one with the jewellery realised that she was unable to have a serious relationship for long (she is an older woman, divorced). She shared that when she got divorced, the ring her husband had given her was burning her toe so she was forced to remove it. Later she thought, “My toes look bare”, so she promptly went out and bought two rings, one for each foot. I was encouraged when they saw the spiritual connection to many things going on in their lives and I challenged them (particularly the one with the jewellery) to go before the Lord and get rid of the jewellery. I thought that here is a lady who understands the demonic Hindu connection, so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I saw them a few weeks later – no change. She still had the same jewellery on. I have not seen them since, so do not know whether they have made any changes. I pray that the seed has been planted and trust the Holy Spirit to work in His time.

May The Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless you and your ministry as your serve Him diligently.


David Morrison-Young

Power of God Family Ministries