Dear Tiaan

I wanted to share a testimony about praying hands…this is something I did not know but I had a belt that was given to me by the former pastor of this church. Thinking back I now see that it was at this point where my finances took a nose dive. My first year of University I managed my money very well and had enough savings that I did not need to work but could focus on my studies. He gave me the belt during the summer on my way back to University and the day I got back I ended up backing my Landrover into another car because the fellow that was directing me was not watching. The damage although slight needed a new bonnet because it could not be beaten out due to the position of the dent. This almost cleared out my savings and things just went south with my finances from then. We have struggled ever since but God has always met the need. Last year our boiler stopped working properly and we could not afford a new one so I persevered with it tinkering here and there to get it to work but it requires daily maintenance which if not done means it will not work.

The UK government offers a boiler replacement scheme in certain circumstances and we qualified last year but the companies we talked to either had money but no engineers in our area or they had an engineer but no money. We tried everywhere and last week someone came out but we would only get a small voucher and the cost would be £4000 spread over 10 years! I said no! We then watched your DVD and, although it took some searching, I found the belt and buckle and destroyed it and threw it out. THE VERY NEXT DAY another man came to see us and they will be installing a new boiler for us for only £50!

I then skyped a friend of ours in the USA who also is having church financial problems and shared our testimony and they have a ceramic set of hands plus posters made from the pictures of those hands. They plan to get rid of them because they are also in deliverance ministry so are very open to knowing about symbols and the like but they also did not know about the praying hands.

We also have encountered problems with people for taking the cross off our church building. The inside cross have been gone for a long time but we were not able to get the one off the roof until this past week due to weather and wind etc as it was quite high up. Some new people that had moved to our town because we do not celebrate pagan feasts began coming to the church; and saw me taking down the cross are now having many issues with this. And as the usual story is they do not come to me but go to FACEBOOK and the like talking with non-denominational friends. So now they think we have taken away Jesus but their arguments are the same that people used on them for getting rid of Christmas. The reason for this was to ask you if I may share the cross teaching also with them so they see that others are also likeminded in their quest for having holy hands that do not touch the unclean thing so that when our separated holy hands are lifted, our prayers and praise may be received of our Father!

Dr Bob Strachan BSc, ThD, PhD
Senior Pastor
Jedburgh Baptist Church
01835 864107 – 07542589322